Sara Lov @ Salotto Muzika

2 Marzo 2011

Arterìa, Bologna

Salotto Muzika 2011: Sara Lov

Opening Act: Mimes of Wine

“I Already Love You” – OUT TODAY! – 2011-02-15 Share

i consider myself so lucky to have been able to live this half fantasy life making the music i love and getting so much connection with you.  

though it always comes first, i’ve never been able to fully support myself making music.  i find creative ways of using my other talents to help pay the bills but in my heart of hearts, it’s all for the music.

when i released my fist solo record i signed with Nettwerk and had a not so positive experience.  so for the new record i thought… why not go directly to the people who love and support what i do? [that's you]

i financed the recording and production costs myslf (well, me and my trusty visa card) i’m hoping that with your help i can pay it all back.

i’d love to continue releasing my music in this way.  i’ve set up a donation system at my store which allows you to contribute a price you think fair or my new cd.  i want you to have this music…. it’s for you… because what would music be without the loving ears it falls to… and obviously, if i was in this for the money – well, i would have chosen a different career… but i’ll graciously accept any amount you want to offer.

please help me afford to keep doing this.  there are so many costs including paying musicians, studio time, mixing, mastering, manufacturing, an awesome new website, and of course touring brings a whole new set of costs too which is why you rarely see my full band with me on the road.

please help me keep it all going! every bit is appreciated.

Mimes of Wine:

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